Too afraid to have favourites

Ever since I was young I have had a tendency to not have a favourite.  I tended to base my preferences on what my friends were doing.  It was an easy way to do life,  finding a sort of happiness in not choosing a favourite so I could drift with people and fit in with what they were into or doing. So much easier for me to say whatever you like is fine with me, than risk picking an unfavourable position.  It seems ridiculous now that I thought that someone would be disappointed because I chose vanilla fudge when they preferred chocolate but that was how I was unconsciously living my life.

Recently my daughter asked me what my favourite movie was.  I replied “You know mummy doesn’t have favourites”, she replied why not and I couldn’t answer.   I began to think about why I couldn’t answer this question.  I quickly realised I hadn’t allowed myself to have favourites.  I didn’t even understand why but it began me wanting to explore that more and to understand that part of me. 

It made me reflect how often I would have a conversation which would go something like “what do you want to do?” and I would reply…”whatever you want to do”.  I can often hear my daughter getting into this back and forward conversation with her friends.

Often healing happens by becoming aware of a pattern or theme in your life rooted in a subconscious fear based limiting belief.  Here I was limiting myself from expressing and being who I truly was due to fear of other people’s judgement.  My fear of disappointing or being different was preventing me from exploring from experiencing from letting me connect with my true self.

By being connected on a daily basis to divine source energy via meditation and self-care practices, you begin to change these limited fear based beliefs. As your frequency rises fear based beliefs can no longer continue to circulate in your system.  These old limited beliefs travel around on old wiring, and as you connect with higher dimensions you are being upgraded so these wires blow out and new circuits are installed that allow you to release limiting thoughts and really believe the truth about who you are and love yourself.

In an energy healing session I create space for you to connect with universal life force energy and your higher self so that you can be recalibrated on an energetic level so that you can move past the limiting beliefs and fear in your life that is often resulting in emotional or physical discomfort.

For me in my life this is happening for me very quickly.  I know that I am changing and being healed because I am able to openly share my spiritual journey with people and do not feel any shame or judgement.  Six months ago I would never even have imagined that I would be writing blogs about my life or doing facebook lives about my experiences.  The thought of being so vulnerable and open to disapproval from others would have been too overwhelming. This journey and the changes in me are real and I truly desire for others to have this experience too.

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