Sentaura Healing – Unconditional Love

The Sentaura Frequency is pure Creator Source Energy and the highest frequency of unconditional love and light. As the ancient Creator Source Energy, the Seraphim Angels were birthed from this pure Source Energy that’s been around since the first creation of the universe, galaxies and worlds.

It is now re-introduced by the Seraphim during this time, working in co-creation with the Seraphim Diamond Light Frequency as an advanced and multi-dimensional energy healing system and creator energy consisting pure source codes of the highest light and love.

Natali Brown ( has channeled teachings from the Seraphim and the Divine to educate humanity about what is possible for us all in the New Earth. She is now teaching how to work with this frequency and I have the privilege to be part of her 2022 7 month practitioner program.

My experience so far from being in this program and working with the Sentaura frequency has been mind blowing. It is a feeling of deep unconditional love, of coming home to self, a complete acceptance of who I am with no need to seek acceptance or validation outside of myself.

The women who are on the journey with me having only just meet them are soul family and I feel so connected to them. I know we are here together to serve humanity in a very special way.

In three months’ time (June 2022) I will be able to start working with this frequency in my healings so can’t wait for you to experience Sentaura frequency, the incredible experience of love that you all ready are.

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