When imaginary creatures are real

As a child I use to have a werewolf visit me at night. I was so scared of him. The black dark shape of him growing close to me as I felt his presence arriving from down our street, he would start calling to me as soon as I would shut my eyes. I got every soft toy I owned and hid them under blankets with me every night before I slept, I wanted to keep them all safe from him.

And I never told anyone. I was old enough to know I would be told it was in my imagination and I would wonder is it just my imagination, it feels so real but I can’t prove it. I knew things like this are dismissed by adults – your imaginary friends, your vibes about people and places and definitely stories of werewolves that visit in the night.

So I learnt to block him out by closing down a side of me that was able to connect with the energetic world we live in beyond our physical reality. With that I shut off a core part of who I am and denied myself the opportunity to explore this side of myself.

Since I have began my journey to discover my spiritual side I have found that it has given permission to those around me, including my own children to be open with my around their own spiritual experiences. I to have began to have these experiences again and I am not alone. Now I work with beings of the highest love and light and pure source energy which communicates with me and guides me as I chose to allow it.

My children have now come to talk to me about the blue beings that visit them at night, orbs they see, and postcard images in their minds that come true. The creepy presence and feelings they have in their rooms at night. I am able to listen to them without judgment and guide them in how to be open and also protected and explore their gifts.

There are many people who have these experiences, we are just conditioned to not talk about them. We are taught from when we are a child that our imagination is not real but how else can a being that does not have physical form and so can not be in our physical reality interact with us but via our imagination and our senses. They send us energetic feelings or pulses which spring up on our inner TV screen.

Perhaps this is you to and you are ready to explore those experiences and open up again to your spiritual side. If so I would begun by just quietly making that commitment to yourself – “I am ready to discover my spiritual self and be open again”.

In Sentaura healing sessions I work with people to connect them back to their spiritual side, to clear away any patterns, conditionings or beliefs that are blocking them from accessing this very special part of them. I create a safe place where you will feel relaxed and in a deep meditative state open to receive energetic clearing and release. I am there to support and bring through messages for you while we are immersed in an energetic portal of healing surrounded by benevolent beings of the highest love and light.

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