The energy of love

Love is an energy vibration, it is more than just a feeling. The vibration of love is on a spectrum – from love that we experience as humans all the way up to a love at the highest level that brings a deep calm and stillness at the center of our being.

As humans our idea of love is based on our experiences of being in relationships with other people and animals. It is a feeling – an emotion – happiness, joy and connection. To have people around us who we feel love us gives us a sense of belonging, that we are ok. We enjoy this love and notice we are feeling it.

There is more to love than just this emotion – there is another style of love. This love is happening in the background of our lives. We are not always consciously aware of it. It is a consistent presence – a very high love, which is what people are referring to when they speak of god and so is often referred to as the god vibration. We can be triggered to remember this feeling via practices such as meditation, visualisation or other inner journey work. It is a feeling like no other, that you can not really explain.

When you experience this love it is a deep stillness in your soul, a peace and contentment regardless of your circumstances. There is zero fear, you are in a relaxed state with no commentary in your mind.

This is a powerful energy vibration that is able to heal emotional scaring. This scarring is memories of hurt from past experiences that are causing us to react in a certain way when that memory is triggered in us again. For example if we have been betrayed and this has hurt us then we hold the memory of that betrayal. When another person reminds us of that betrayal we react from this memory and begin to protect ourselves, even if that person is not going to betray us or ever intended to. We are seeing other relationships via this lens of betrayal which is causing us not to see the truth.

Over our life we have experienced many hurts which have embedded themselves in us causing us to react in a way that is not loving and causes us more pain. It can also mean that via these lens of hurt we are looking for experiences to confirm that this hurt is real and so often end up reliving the pain in similar ways.

Energy healing is when you connect back to this creator source energy, this god vibration of the highest love and light. The love energy is able to heal and release past trauma, fear and pain and begin to clear the lens thru which you see the world. It helps you to react to circumstances from a place of calm and peace restoring joy and peace to your life.

It is this power of love that heals. In an energy healing session with me, I am holding space for you and anchoring in this vibration of the highest love and light into your field so that you can connect and allow this powerful vibration to begin to heal you. You will experience a presence, a deep stillness and calm. Over time you will begin to notice that you react to situations differently and wonder why something that use to wind you up doesn’t bother you anymore.

Here is a practical visualisation exercise if you would like to experience this healing at any time (remember for this to work you need to shut down your logical mind, so just say to your mind we are going to pretend now). Allow yourself at least 10 minutes. I encourage you to do this as often as you can.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and slowly exhale. Ask for an energy ball of the highest love and light to appear in front of you. Pretend it appears and step into this ball and feel yourself become one with it, like you are now an energy cocoon. Imagine this cocoon is now getting transported up high in a column of light, as if you are going up in an elevator. When the elevator opens you are greeted by beautiful beings made of light, they escort you to a healing bed. Allow yourself to lie down on this bed and ask these beings if they can help you to experience the highest love and light possible. Stay here for at least 5 minutes. When you are ready, imagine yourself going back down in the elevator and back into your body. Have a big glass of water and rest if you need to.

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