There are no good and bad parts of you

We all have done things we are ashamed of. Acting out in anger, being deceitful, lying, judged. And it’s all ok! There are no bad and good parts of you.

You have had experiences in this life and other lifetimes that have caused you to react in a certain way in difficult situations. Often these reactions are how you have learnt to protect yourself or kept a part of you safe and hidden.

Highly sensitive empaths often become cynical towards people as a way to keep people from coming close to them, like a cat trapped in a corner – feeling threatened they lash out.

It is very important to know you are not a bad person. Of course we have all done things that are not ok and I am not condoning bad behaviour. I am just asking you to look into your soul and ask your inner self why you are behaving or have behaved this way. Is it time to heal that part of you so next time the situation arises you can choose a different reaction?

You can take responsibility for your behaviour by looking inside yourself and receiving healing and forgiving yourself and others. It may be you need to go back to past lifetimes to understand the origins of these and heal and release the trauma so it doesn’t continue to play out in this lifetime.

If you have negative feelings about yourself energy healing can help you to move past these feelings and see yourself for who you really. To start to believe in the truth of who you are and discover your true calling for this lifetime.

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