Earth Melting – how to clear your energy in the earth

I been shown during meditation how to ground and cleanse my energy field by a method I am calling “Earth Melting”.

Lie down and close your eyes, take a deep breath. Imagine you are lying on the earth, on the floor of a forest or whatever feels most natural for you. Feel your body melting down in to the earth as if you were an ice block. As you melt down your body dissolves and you feel the sensation of being in the earth, just below the top layers.

As you relax into the earth all the energy that is not yours and any negative energy – fears, disappointments, frustrations, grief and all the rest get left on the surface of the earth and are blown away by the wind. Its like the earth is a sieve and your energy field can slip on down and all the crap gets left behind.

This always leaves me feeling so relaxed.

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