Spirit guides – one dot at a time

I am spiritually curious but I don’t know what to do next or where to start. I decide to ask spirit for guidance.- just in my head – “Help – what do I do next’. I am still feeling like a newbie to all this so I have little expectation around what outcome I might get but I do have a deep sense of knowing inside me that I will be guided. To just trust, to just keep going and seeking.

I become aware of a very clear picture in my mind. I see a a large blank canvas with a couple of small dots in the bottom. I see 4 dots which have all been joined together by a line. I get this knowing about what that means. The canvas is my life and each of the little dots represents an action that I am getting asked to take next. As I do the action a line appears to join the dots and the next dot appears.

What strikes me is they are small lines and small dots. I get the sense that this is my guidance – each dot represents an action that spirit will show me to do next – a small achievable action. Not a huge big ask, just a thing that is not going to seem like a big deal. As I commit to doing these actions the picture is going to form of what my life will become – a beautiful picture – a large picture. I am not going to be shown the picture in advance though. All I need to know is the next small dot.

This gave me a sense of calm. I could do small steps, I could join small dots. I didn’t need to get all tangled up in the how was I going to go from being a business manager to an energy healer. It started to make me feel less overwhelmed about how to change my life and career. Guidance was going to come in small achievable steps.

I asked to be shown what the next dot was – it was simple – draw a picture. I could do that. So I did. Each day I began to ask what the next dot was and I got a simple knowing about what to do – often very small things – call this person, buy something, spend time dancing, foraging or singing. If I didn’t do the action within a certain timeframe it didn’t matter, the dot just stays there waiting for me. There was no pressure on me – just simple things that I could do in my own time.

This is how I began to live my life. Just asking what the next dot was. Some days I would forget to ask what the dot was but when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed I would just bring myself back to this picture and ask for clarity around what to do next. Over time I think intuitively I began to know what the dots were and that I was just knowing what to do next.

This is so beautiful to me. That guidance comes when we ask in a way that meets us where we are at. A simple picture – the meaning so clear to me in an instant. A knowing underneath the surface with a sense of calm and love.