Soul Reading

This is a summary of a soul reading and soul alignment session I experienced while on my spiritual journey..

I was very much looking forward to my Soul Reading and Soul Alignment session I had booked in with Natali Brown. I was still felt very green when it came to what this even meant but I knew in my heart there was a deep calling to connect with my spiritual side and trusted my intuition to know this was who I needed to see.

The session had been described as similar to a physic reading and I would learn:

  • who I was and what I had come here to create and do
  • my highest frequency soul mission
  • identify and release emotional blocks and self sabotaging statements
  • uncover and clear blocks from past lives which are keeping you moving forward

I felt immediately at ease with Natali, her kindness and warmth made me feel relaxed and welcomed. She explained to me that she worked with spirit guides that were from the highest level of love and light. She went from both conversing with me to also stopping and letting me know when Spirit wanted me to know something. She didn’t ask me many questions around why I was there or my current life situation.

A clear message that was coming from Spirit was that I had a lot of trauma – grief and sadness in my field that needed to be healed. A lot of this was to do with my family line. She worked with me to clear this which was a quick process in which she directed her spiritual guides to begin healing and clearing those wounds. I was simply sitting on the couch with my eyes closed.

She used a range of tarot cards to get guidance from Spirit around what I was here to do. So not surprisingly to me she confirmed for me that I had psychic and healing gifts (and I needed to start acknowledging, seeing and trusting that I did.)

Then my relationship came up again with my husband. She told me I was being too needy and controlling in my relationship. That both of us were living out this victim to victim relationship where we were trying to “out do” each other on who was the most wounded at every opportunity. It totally resonated with me. She let me know that I needed to release him from it by asking him to forgive me and to stop playing the victim. This victimhood looks like blaming him whenever I feel things are not going my way. I will write about how this played out in another post but trust me asking him to forgive me was very very hard to do but has changed our relationship for the better.

She then mentioned she saw in my future a community healing centre where I had created a hub for people to come and be healed and see families reconnected. What was interesting for me about was that a few years earlier I had written a vision for my life and in it I had said I wanted to open a retreat centre. However, at that time I couldn’t see how my life would go from where it was then to a place where that would be possible. One of the tarot cards that came up for me was called “Protected – you are safe and supported while you change your career”. I began to believe in my dream again.

She gave me details about where my soul was originally from in quite a lot detail and also some information around who my soul tribe were.

Another clear message was that I needed to simplify my life and get back to the elementals and she mentioned that I needed to be out in nature, doing meditation, reading books, sketching and dancing. After the session I felt that was the next thing I needed to.

I left the session encouraged and affirmed. I was right to trust my intuition that I had spiritual gifts and healing gifts and to keep persevering with my search for answers. I began to understand that I was a spiritual being having a human experience and I had been here before. It sounds cliché but it did feel like the shutters were opening and I was awakening to things that had always been right in front of me but I was unable to see them.

If you are wondering if this type of session would be right for you, the advice I would give you is to have a very real connection with the person that you are booking with. I know you know how to get a good vibe from someone. I think its important that you feel safe and trust this person so the person can get a flow and connection with your higher self. If you are struggling to get your head around the spiritual guide part or anything else my recommendation is always – just pretend its real and that lets your logical mind settle down and stop questioning.

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