Energetically clearing the Bloodline and Kidneys

red moon during night time

Change takes courage. Often finding the courage seems near impossible. Every effort you make to do things differently just seems futile. Stuck in repeating patterns and mental noise, that feel oppressive and over whelming. A darkness, a heaviness bringing in an emptiness that can not be satisfied by external pleasures.

You can clear this darkness, this heaviness. It is a very real shadow energy that has settled and rooted itself into your energetic body and your physical body – in the kidneys. It may have even been energetically carried down your ancestral line, and embedded itself into your DNA.

I have been seeing in my sessions later what has been happening is deep bloodline clearing of dark entity attachments and recoding of ancestral patterns. In the session I see all the blood being cleared out, like in a blood transfusion, dialysis for the spiritual bloodline and new blood being reinfused encoded with ancient royal creator codes. Clients have said when they leave it is like a weight has been lifted from them.

In the body it is the kidney that filters the blood and when it is not working wastes and toxins build up in your blood. Spiritually kidneys are linked to emotional health, as they are considered the seat of emotions in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

In TCM, kidneys are also related to fear and courage. When kidney energy is balanced, one has the ability to face fears and display courage in difficult situations. An imbalance might lead to excessive fear, anxiety, or lack of courage.

Energetically clearing the bloodline brings back courage and peace and the ability to feel empowered to make decisions in your life. It creates calm in your mind, a feeling of peace.

If you feel like this resonates with you, I invite you to sit in meditation and ask for your bloodline to be cleared and your kidneys to be supported by seeing a stream of golden pure white light entering your field. If you would like support with this then you can also book a session with me.

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