Sentaura Energy Healing

The Sentaura Frequency and The Seraphim are here to help humanity’s ascension, evolution and that of our beautiful planet. The Sentaura rapidly transforms and alchemises dense energy in your body to light, and creates more space for you to embody higher frequencies of love and abundance. You’ll feel more clear, energised and inspired to heal yourself and create a life you love after receiving a Sentaura Healing Session.During Sentaura healing sessions I channel Soul Speak (light language), Soul Song (Toning and Singing), Soul Sign (Signing, Drawing or Writing Sacred Geometry, Code and Symbols) integrating higher vibration healing frequencies guided by my Higher Self and Beings of the Highest Light including The Seraphim, Councils of Light, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and various other cosmic beings of light assisting with your healing and ascension path.

  • Sentaura unlocks your ability to master the self.
  • Past dysfunctional patterns are dissolved in the energetic body, creating space and openness to bring in new codes of freedom, love and abundance. This can assist and support your body to heal itself physically and emotionally.
  • Heals through the multi-dimensional energetic layers of all subtle bodies and of the pain body to dissolve fear codes and programming from your lineage and human experience. It is alchemised into golden energy of creativity and possibility – you begin to radiate the energy of who you truly are.  
  • Enhances your mental/emotional state to clear anxiety, frustration, stuckness and depression which leaves you more joyful and clear of mind.
  • Restores balance within the body as a whole.
  • Upgrades your Human DNA at cellular and microparticle level to your Golden Crystalline DNA Profile in alignment with new earth energies. Sentaura works to establish and lock into place your 5D blueprint and aid the transition to your 12D goldprint.
  • Sentaura amplifies vitality and rejuvenation of the physical body, including re-setting your bio-rhythms in alignment with the natural rhythms of nature creating a state of balance for optimal function.
  • Removes karmic cords and debris not for your highest good.
  • Completes soul contracts and attachments. Works to call back all parts of the Soul.
  • Unlocks your Highest Soul Blueprint, activates your Merkaba and Quantum Rings of Velocity when necessary.
  • Clears your chakras and auric field of lower density energetic debris and blocks.
  • Re-connects your column of light to the Unified Field of Higher Consciousness and Pure Stream of Unconditional Love to become a pure channel for higher intelligence and light codes to be anchored into the Earth.
  • Enables you to receive channelled information from your Akashic Records to assist you in clearing past lives and multi-dimensional records.
  • Connects you to your highest timeline, guides and information available for your ascension.
  • Connects you through your celestial gateways with monadic wisdom and innate universal wisdom within you.
  • Activates and amplifies the energy of your diamond light body template and expand your capacity to hold higher frequencies of light.
  • Unlocks and activates dormant or new codes and latent soul gifts ready to come through you.
  • The frequency of Sentaura works to empower you and raise your frequency on all levels, so you remember who you are as a sovereign being of light and love.
  • You’ll feel more clear, energised and inspired to create a life you love after receiving a Sentaura Healing Session.

What happens in an energy healing session?

The energy healing experience begins with me bringing you into a meditative relaxed state with my voice while you are in a lying position. In this state your nervous system relaxes and you are able to access aspects of your higher consciousness so that you can bring in higher frequency into your body to clear blocks and bring in revitalization.

I am there to guide and hold space for this to happen for you, as guided I will provide insight into what is happening.

The process involves working on each energy vortex (chakra) in your body. Identifying the root emotion that is causing your body to be out of alignment with your higher consciousness. As this is cleared your body is able to connect deeply to your intuition and own healing vibration to create and circulate more life force within your body.

For the majority of the process, I am not in contact with your physical body. I am beside you and often wave my hands around your body, a process called energy weaving. At times I often feel drawn to lightly place my hands on your body. I will speak and sing in light language and bring through channeled messages for you as they are presented to me.

After the session

Please be aware that after the session you may feel sleepy and want to rest to allow the healing to integrate. I suggest that if possible you are able to go and rest and drink plenty of water. Be mindful of this when you are booking.

How often do you come

As part of the energy healing session I will teach you how to implement energy healing and clearing into your daily life so you are able to work on yourself. It is also helpful to work with myself (as you feel you need to) to provide you with additional guidance and support. I cam help you identify blind spots and give you a different perspective.

Prices and sessions types

$250 NZ incl GST per session.

Allow One Hour. 3 x session package available for $500. Sessions need to be booked at least 10 days apart and used within 6 months.

Where is the session held

Sentuara Energy Healing Auckland – In person – sessions are available in Grey Lynn, Auckland. Location information can be found here.

Sentaura Energy Healing Online – As I work with energy and do not need to be in contact with your body online sessions work just the same as in person. This can be via zoom, google hangouts, facetime or another that works for you.

What method of energy healing is used

I work with the frequency of Sentaura® which I have been initiated to and I am a fully qualified Sentaura® Healing Practitioner and Alchemist of Light.

Sentaura weaves universal intelligence with healing alchemy and works alongside the Seraphim Diamond Light and Crystal Light Body Technology™ as an advanced multi-dimensional energy healing system. 

​The Sentaura Creator Frequency holds the original blueprint of, and transmits all other frequencies and organic source technologies. 

This frequency is our educator and light bridge between realms and dimensions. It is here to illuminate the divine truth within each of us, to educate us on ancient universal concepts and activate our innate wisdom and soul gifts. 

It connects us with our ancient teachers, our star lineage and universal wisdom, weaving ancient knowledge with modern times, closing the gap between mastering energy and matter, so we may better navigate our current reality and all new earth energies. 

It is a gift from the Divine to assist with the awakening, activation, healing, ascension and evolution of humanity and our Earth during the Golden Age of Gaia and the Age of Aquarius.

It is a way for us to navigate as human beings all multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional existences we wish to experience in our current reality, binding frequency with consciousness.

It is the beginning, the first creation of the universe, galaxies and worlds. All that exists in the Universe were birthed from this frequency, which is Christ’s pure unconditional love.

It is the true alphabet and all-chemistry of God gifted back to humanity and contains the magic keys and building blocks to unlock our infinite potential as sovereign creators.

Sentaura and the Diamond Light pinpoint specific parts of your body for healing, enhancement, elevation, alignment, activation, and unlocking of your human DNA Genetic Profile, therefore facilitating rapid energetic expansion, physical restoration and transformation, spiritual empowerment and embodiment of Christ Consciousness. 

That means healing, releasing and clearing all that is not in alignment with your highest good and restoring you to your original crystalline *GoldPrint and essence of love as a being of light in human form.

Sentaura® often feels like a warm pure golden stream of energy flowing through your body however each person experiences it in their own way.

I often get asked is it like Reiki energy healing and in a way yes because Reiki energy healing is also a type of energy healing but Sentaura is a different frequency. Sentaura is an ancient frequency that is emerging again in the world and is not as well known but it is extremely powerful. To learn more and see other registered practitioners around the world see here where I am also registered here.

To book you can either use the booking link below or contact me at or 021 830 384, feel free to message me on whatsapp or messenger.

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