Clearing your energetic field

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Just like your physical body, it is important to cleanse and look after your energetic field. As we interact with the physical world we are moving around in an interacting on an energetic level whether we are aware of it or not. We are all connected via energetic particles that are moving around in the quantum field between objects, people and also interdimensional spaces.

We ourselves are energetic beings, we have an electromagnetic field which our physical body exists in. Our field sends messages and interacts with our physical body. As we interact in the world we are constantly engaging with electromagnetic fields of other people and in this process we often pick up their energy or create energetic connections with them in the interaction. We also create energy with our emotions that also form in our fields. This especially happens in moments of heightened emotions. If these were moments of joy and peace then that has a positive effect on our field as it lifts our vibration and makes us feel joy. However, if the energy we create or pick up was created in anger or fear then that energy latchs to our field and we begin to feel heavy – easy to anger, feeling fearful and resentful.

How to clear and cleanse your energetic body

Set the intention to cleanse and clear your body and then use a visualisation that resonates with you to see your energetic body being cleansed. Here are some examples to use to get you started but it is a good idea to start engaging your imagination to come up with unique ones that are going to be really aligned with you:

  1. Imagine a shower of white golden light falling down on you like you are under a waterfall. Really picture your body in your mind and sense where you feel like more cleansing is needed.
  2. Imagine that you are stepping into a bright white golden sphere of light, in your minds eye see your whole body and look and sense where you think there are parts that are not as bright or are dark. See those areas being lit up again.

You can also say a short declaration “I release all energies and entities from my field that do not serve my highest good, with love I send you to the light of source to be cared for”.

When to clear your energy

Every morning and every night. During the day habit stack and build an association between every time your wash your hands, wash dishes or brush your teeth to do a quick energy clearing.

When you are just not feeling very good, unhappy, anxious, unmotivated or depressed, when you are just feeling a bit blah.

When to get assistance with energy clearing

If you have been living most of your life with out an energy cleansing practice then it is likely that you have picked up a lot of energetic attachments and codes that are deeply embedded in your field.

Or if you are just feeling really blah and you feel like you have energetic imbalances.

In these instances I recommend seeing an energy healer for an all over deep cleanse and reharmonisation of your field. If you do this every couple of months and then also have a daily practice of cleansing then I feel like you will develop a strong energetic field which will draw into you much peace and happiness.

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