Grey Lynn, Auckland

Date and Time:
Wednesday 23 August 23, 7.30pm

Sentaura is an ancient multidimensional creator frequency that weaves source intelligence with energy healing alchemy and works alongside the Seraphim Diamond Light and Crystal Light Body Technology™ as an advanced energy healing system to pin point specific parts of your body for healing, enhancement, elevation, alignment, activation and unlocking of your human DNA Genetic GoldPrint and Crystalline Gold Light Body.

That means healing, releasing and clearing all that is not in alignment with your highest good and restoring you to your original crystalline blueprint and essence of love as a sovereign being of light. Sentaura® feels like a warm golden energy streaming into you body and is pure unconditional love.

The healing frequency of Sentaura® works on a multi-dimensional level to help you release what’s no longer for your highest good and shift you into the best version of you in alignment with your evolution and ascension path, whilst experiencing rapid transformation on so many levels of your life.

Come and experience Sentaura in a small group setting during a meditative journey. As you lie on the mat with your eyes closed, Erica Lossie, Certified Sentaura Practitioner, channels Sentaura frequency using light language, energy weaving and toning.It begins with Erica guiding you on a meditation as a group and then Erica will also spend some time working individually on each person, which will also collectively resonate.

You will feel your body enter a deep meditative state and may feel warm or tingling sensations. Your body enters a deep relaxed state as it opens up to receiving self-healing, releasing of stuck emotions or trauma and repatterning of thoughts.

During the experience micro shifts happen to bring you back into alignment with your soul energy so you can operate from your highest self, feeling fully worthy to create and receive a life you absolutely love.

Located at Erica Energy Weaver Studio, 30b Selbourne Street, Grey Lynn.

Begins at 7.30pm but please arrive 5 minutes early to get settled on your mat (mat and blanket provided), please bring a pillow if you would like to use one.

Wear comfortable clothes

Please note the space has steep stairs to enter which may be difficult for some.

Booking and Costs

Tickets are $25, click here to book or you can contact me and I can book you in and send you an invoice to pay me directly.

Policy: No refunds are issued if you are unable to attend but can be credited towards another event or service. | | Energy Healer Auckland

Book a free 15 minute introductory call to see if we are aligned and to answer any questions.

30 Selbourne Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland

021 830 384