About Erica – Energy Healer

Hi, I’m Erica Lossie. I would like you to learn more about me, my life journey and why I am an energy healer.

  • Certified Sentaura Energy Healing Practitioner and Alchemist of the light from Divine Light Academy of Ascension
  • Graduate of Light Language Mastery 4.0 with Samantha May, New Zealand
  • Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing and Accounting
  • Post Grad Diploma in Finance

I am passionate about people discovering the truth of who they are and discovering that they can make decisions in their lives aligned with this truth without fear. Helping people discover the source of their pain – emotionally, physically and mentally – so they can understand it and let it go when they are ready.

I believe my purpose in this lifetime is to assist in you remembering the love that you are. It is my desire for you to experience unconditional love. To have the threads of your soul woven back together so that you can know who you truly are and experience the truth of your being.

Despite ticking many boxes of the modern day “I’ve made it list” – successful corporate career, marriage, children, a home…..having lived 40 years of life I found myself lonely, anxious and feeling a sense that there was more to life than my current experience.

My job, once promising, had become monotonous, leaving me bored and uninspired. Within my family, I yearned for deeper connections. Despite being married, my spouse and I seemed to have lost touch with one another. We felt like strangers sharing a home. And as a parent, I wanted to be fully present for my children, but exhaustion often got the best of me, causing me to miss out on meaningful moments.

In moments of stress, I found myself craving an escape, often turning to drinking as a temporary respite. Boredom became my constant companion, robbing me of the joy of exploration and play. Underneath it all, I felt a relentless need for control, a result of underlying anxiety. I craved certainty in order to cope with the pressures and expectations that surrounded me.

But amidst the struggles, I had a defining spiritual experience – as I stared into my eyes in a mirror one Sunday night after another fight with my husband I saw only death and despair. I felt a calm come over me and a conversation began in my head with my higher self. This voice asked me “If I was ready yet? Was I done pretending and hiding?”. I replied “Yes I am ready now”. Ready to become a spiritual and energy healer. And in that moment I chose to embark on a journey of self-discovery, to seek fulfillment and connection in my life once again.

I had known for all my life that I was spiritually gifted and had a role to play in leading others to connect back with their spiritual side. I had resisted it though, to the point that I had forgotten it was there. I remember been asked what I wanted to do with my life and having vision of myself being a spiritual healer but I was too fearful to reply with that, I couldn’t even allow myself the thought of this been possible.

But it was possible! I had to move beyond the fear. To find internal peace despite external circumstances and the courage to pursue a career that went against all my social and family conditioning. It wasn’t an easy path, but it was worth it.

I also have over 20 years experience in administration systems, finance and business management and am the Business Services Manager for a successful professional services business in New Zealand and have recently worked as a business consultant for small businesses in my own consulting business. I am now learning and loving being an energy healer. I would love you to be encouraged by my journey, that you to can do what you are passionate about – no matter what others might think.

I completed the Sentaura Healing Practitioner certification in 2022, to learn more about this program and to see other registered practitioners please refer here.

I am also a mother of two children who have helped me to grow as a person and are continually teaching me what it means to love unconditionally. I have an incredible husband who I have journeyed life with for 15 years.

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